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Weirdly Magical with Jen and Lou - Astrology - Numerology - Weird Magic - Akashic Records

Oct 15, 2020

On this episode Jen and Lou talk about another intense lunation that's going to bring liberation, shocks, surprises and more sense of crisis (a crossroads). As always there's a big potential to create magic and to change how you do things.

Oct 2, 2020

Lou and Jen rap about the Libra New Moon that forms a Cardinal T-Square potential initiating major changes with intense pressure and dramatic aspects. Oh yes we have another doozy as we and our world mutate

Sep 17, 2020

Louise and Jen rap about this very assertive, creative and healthily angry lunation. Is it time to fight your internal demons for liberation?

Sep 3, 2020

In the latest Weirdly Magical podcast, Jen and Lou rap about the energy of CHANGE in this lunation and the need to reintroduce ritual, reverence and service in every day life.

Aug 19, 2020

Yes, yes, yes, another radical lunation with major tensions and change, right before Pallas Athena stations direct and Mars stations retrograde for an extremely rare retrograde in his own sign... 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving! Buckle up because there's some major change energy coming.